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Adolescent Care

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Adolescent care centre in Delhi, Best doctor for adolescent care

Adolescent Care

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Adolescent care centre in Delhi | Best doctor for adolescent care

Adolescent Care Centre in Delhi

Growing Up And Developing Does Not Have To Be Scary And Confusing: Find The Best Gynaecologists in Delhi

Adolescence can be a scary and confusing time for young girls experiencing many body changes. It is necessary to provide them with proper answers, information, and guidance related to growth, development, sex, and reproduction. At Femmenest, we are one of the best adolescent care center in Delhi. Our gynecologists ensure a comprehensive check-up and follow-up for such young girls and work towards helping them understand and deal with the various changes in their bodies.

What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is the transitional period between childhood and adulthood; wherein everyone matures significantly. It marks the onset of puberty. The changes that occur are physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, and social - which give individuals a chance to grow, develop and form their personalities holistically.

Stages :

  • Early Adolescence: Occurs from age 10 to age 14
  • Middle Adolescence: Occurs from age 14 to age 17
  • Late Adolescence: Occurs from age 17 to age 21

Changes the body goes through :

  • Onset of puberty
  • Growth spurt
  • Development of primary and secondary sex organs
  • Menstruation
  • Sexual maturity
  • Hormonal changes


It is necessary to keep these changes in check and not get overwhelmed. Growth and development are natural and inevitable processes. However, some unnatural or harmful changes might sometimes affect an individual's growth. Adolescent care is provided for those cases, which helps diagnose any anomaly and provide solutions to any adolescent problems.

Doctor for Adolescent Care at Femmenest

Here at Femmenest, we have the best doctor for adolescent care to provide examinations, management, and diagnosis of gynecological problems concerned with this age group. These problems include congenital reproductive anomalies, disorders of gender development, gender identity, gynecological malignancies, and reproductive endocrinopathies. We encourage open communication on sensitive topics like body image issues, sex, and reproduction to ensure that the adolescents are well-aware, well-informed, and without confusion or misconceptions.

Book a session with us, and let us help your child grow and develop well and happily!

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