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Infertility on The Rise in India!

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best infertility clinic in Delhi, best obstetricians and gynaecologists in Delhi, IUI Treatment in Delhi, Best Ivf Clinic In Delhi

Infertility on The Rise in India!

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Infertility on The Rise in India!

Infertility issues are rapidly getting worse in India. There are numerous causes, and there are current treatments for those causes. But not knowing these facts can result in a rise in infertility. About 15% of Indian couples have infertility. The issue is exacerbated by late marriages, stressful lifestyles, obesity, high junk food intake, smoking, drunkenness, and drug addiction.

Additionally, according to The Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, one out of every six couples in India today experience infertility, with rates in metropolitan areas being higher. Understanding the root causes of infertility and why it is on the rise is crucial.

Women's Infertility Causes

Women's infertility can have a variety of causes. Here are a few of the usual ones:

  • A decreased ovarian reserve primarily brought on by malnutrition in India.
  • Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD)
  • Any ovarian growth, including endometriosis or a chocolate cyst.
  • Fallopian tube obstruction
  • Fallopian tube adhesion brought on by an infection. A common cause of these diseases in our nation is TB.
  • Issues with the uterus, such as endometrial polyps, septate uterus, adenomyotic uterus, intrauterine adhesions, and chronic endometritis
  • Persistent vaginal infections or chronic cervicitis.
  • Being unable to engage in sexual activity because of mental health problems.

Causes of Male Infertility

The primary cause of infertility in men is spermatogenesis. This can be caused due to hormonal issues, poor testicular function, or obstructions in the male urogenital tract. Other causes include:

  • Klinefelter syndrome, among other genetic diseases
  • Varicocele
  • Damage or inflammation of the testicles
  • A serious illness
  • Untouched testes
  • The abnormal hormonal function brought on by a malignant or non-cancerous tumor, heredity, infection, a tumor, or as a result of surgery.
  • The use of testosterone
  • Misuse or abuse of anabolic steroids, opiate use, obesity, and certain drugs

Reasons for India's rising rate of infertility

  • Age progression

Couples hoping to get pregnant later in life may run into issues because fertility often begins to decline around the age of 35 for women and 45 for men due to the strong correlation between age and fertility. In the case of women, the quality of the egg starts to deteriorate, and whether or not a woman has reached menopause, it is typical to experience difficulties getting pregnant as age increases; in the case of men, the quality of the sperm also continues to deteriorate, inviting numerous challenges. If you’re someone with age progression-induced infertility, you can contact an expert gynecologist to know other methods to try pregnancy.

  • Way of Life

Stress and improper coping techniques are two other major factors that are mushrooming as infertility rates rise in India. Chronic stress can disrupt ovulation in women due to career-centric lifestyles, lengthy workdays, and a decline in attention to personal well-being. Stress may also have an impact on testosterone levels and sperm production in men, due to the study. In addition to its direct effects, stress affects a person's fertility through unhealthful coping techniques, including smoking and excessive drinking. The toxic substances ingested can disrupt reproductive systems; it affects the quantity and quality of sperm produced by males; it depletes the eggs and ages the ovaries of women who smoke; they also experience more irregular menstrual cycles and have less success conceiving. Regular and excessive alcohol usage can harm men's sperm quality and lead to hormonal imbalances in women. You should enhance your way of living to ensure your fertility is not affected.

  • Pollutants and The Environment

Male sperm and female egg quality are both negatively impacted by the alarming rise in air pollution levels in India. Your health is significantly impacted by breathing polluted air, which is also known to affect several organs.

If you’re suffering from infertility or are not able to get pregnant after several tries, get in touch with the expert gynecologists at Femmenest. We have world-class technology and equipment to diagnose the precise reason behind infertility and offer you the best treatment possible.