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Is Fistula Treatment Without Surgery Possible?

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best infertility clinic in Delhi, best obstetricians and gynaecologists in Delhi, IUI Treatment in Delhi, Best Ivf Clinic In Delhi

Is Fistula Treatment Without Surgery Possible?

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Is Fistula Treatment Without Surgery Possible?

A fistula is a connection that is formed between two organs. Prolonged childhood may result in the formation of a fistula which generally occurs in between the vagina and the bladder or the rectum and the vagina. The most common cause of the formation of a fistula is cutting the blood supply from the tissue leading to the degeneration of the tissue.

In women, fistula usually develops in the genital and urinary tract region. Prolonged childbirth obstruction, infection, inflammation in the pelvic area are a few of the examples of why fistulas form in the first place.

Vesicovaginal fistula or the fistula between the vagina and the bladder, and rectovaginal fistula, which occurs between the rectum and the vagina, are the two most typical fistulas that occur in women of reproductive age. Fistulas tend to spread to other reproductive areas; therefore, it is recommended that any minor changes and discomfort that you face in your body are supposed to be reported to your doctor at the earliest so that you can ascertain and that no complications may occur in later years. Talk to your doctor and record your symptoms to get the best treatment available.

What are The Causes of Fistula?

The common association of fistula can be linked with prolonged childbirth and damaged pelvic area. Studies have drawn the numbers that around 2 million people in the world are affected and still suffering from the problem of fistula.

Symptoms Related to Fistula are:

  • Frequent infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The above-listed symptoms need to be looked at as indicators signaling the presence of a fistula.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is a mandate that you refer to your doctor to understand the problems that your body's issues and get immediate treatment.


In general, any disease should have a medical intervention rather than doing any self-experimentation on them. Self-diagnosis or medication may lead to unnecessary hassles in the long run. Therefore always take the consultation of your doctor.

The good thing about fistula is that it can be very well prevented, and also it can be treated and has a good prognosis rate.

A total diagnostic procedure will be carried out by the doctor to understand the state of your body, medical history will be taken down, and the necessary physical exams will be carried out. The doctor will check for any urinary tract infection, look for any leakages, and conduct blood tests. A scope may be put to use to have a better view of the damaged tissues. Fistulas do not heal on their own; they need medical intervention no matter what; therefore, do not self-medicate or experiment and put yourself at any risks by doing so. Always consult your doctor if you notice any signs and symptoms that are similar to fistula. Advanced and correct treatment can be provided by only your doctor.

As far as the treatment is concerned, if your question is if the fistula can be treated without surgery? The answer to it is, any means of the method is not possible to treat a fistula. Good treatment can only be brought about by making surgical intervention either through open surgery or laparoscopy, which minimizes invasive surgery.

Another essential thing to remember is that after the surgery, you must follow up with utmost care and caution so that no further infection can be caused in the surgical area. Consider all the guidelines given by your doctor into prime importance and follow them with all earnestness. You will be able to get away with your fistula problem in no time in this manner.

Did you know that each year around 50,000-100000 women get fistula which becomes one of the primary reasons for the mortality of mothers during the delivery time.

Most women having a fistula remain untreated due to shame, social segregation. Hence it becomes a duty to be aware of these people so that they can avail the treatment that they require and get a disease-free life.

Managing the problem of fistula enhances the health of the majority of many women. If you face any problems, bring into notice these symptoms and reach out to your doctor to get yourself treated. Femmenest is

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