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Adolescent care centre in Delhi, Best doctor for adolescent care

Robotic Gynecologic

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Adolescent care centre in Delhi, Best doctor for adolescent care

Robotic Gynecologic

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Robotic Gynecologic Surgery in Delhi | Best Gynae in East Delhi

For years standard approach to gynecologic surgery meant a large incision for accessing the uterus and its surrounding anatomy. This method is an invasive process associated with pain, trauma, long recovery process and can cause damage to surrounding organs and nerves. 

With 2D vision, laparoscopic procedures come with their own set of drawbacks such as complexity, less in-depth perception, camera instability, and limited range of motion.

This can easily become challenging for delicate surgeries like hysterectomy or endometriosis. For any complex and delicate surgeries, robot-assisted surgery is considered to be an effective treatment option available today. It only requires tiny incisions that are 1-2 cm. Let us understand how robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi works. 

Everything you need to know about robotic surgery in Delhi

Robotic gynecological surgery operates with great precision and control, thus reducing the risk of larger incisions, promoting fast recovery, and resulting in excellent clinical outcomes. Robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi is performed for various gynecological conditions such as ;

  • Hysterectomy (benign or cancerous)
  • Myomectomy (for removal of fibroids from the uterus
  • Sacrocolpopexy (for surgical correction of vaginal vault prolapses)
  • Surgery for gynecological cancer
  • Oophorectomy and Ovarian cystectomy (removal of ovarian cyst)
  • Endometriosis resection
  • Lymphadenectomy
  • Other surgeries such as cervical cerclage, vesicovaginal repair, etc.

The Surgical robotic surgery makes use of high-definition 3-D vision and a computer-controlled robotic arm with a small tool attached to it.

Advantages of Robotic-assisted surgery

There are several advantages to getting robotic surgery in Delhi. Here why should you opt for it, instead of the traditional operating method? 

  • Fast recovery time

Traditional surgeries make larger incisions to access the surgical site and to perform necessary repairs. In robotic-assisted surgeries come with smaller incisions which means less cutting through skin, fat, muscles, and other tissues. 

The outcome? Your body heals faster after the robotic surgery, reduces the recovery time, and enables faster home return and back to normal routine. 

  • Fewer scars

When your skin is cut, your body naturally starts sending signals to repair the tissue. These repairs are made with highly fibrous tissue that causes scars. Since robotic-assisted surgery makes smaller incisions, you have small and fewer noticeable scars. This is good since, scars are painful, itchy and rub against clothes. 

  • Few surgical risk

With a small incision size and fast recovery time, you will experience less surgical risk with robotic gynecological surgery in Anand Vihar, as compared to traditional surgeries. Though all surgeries come with some sort of risk, Robotic-assisted gynecological surgery minimizes the risk.

The best robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi will ensure a safe and secure surgical process. 

  • Better visualization

With high-resolution 3D image magnifies the operating field clearly, giving the surgeon better visualization of the area that needs to be treated during the surgery. This is important during the gynecological process when the area of treatment is small and difficult to see in traditional surgery. 

What are the technical advantages of robotic surgery in Delhi?

Some of the technical advantages of getting robotic gynecological surgery in Anand Vihar are; 

  • The endo wrist movement of the robotic instrument is free from tremors and enables the surgeon to perform complex procedures with enhanced precision, dexterity, and control.
  • It provides ambidexterity 
  • It is free from the fulcrum effect that is associated with endoscopic instruments
  • It improves three-dimensional magnified vision of the surgical site and allows a better view for the surgeon. 
  • With Robotic-assisted surgery, a surgeon can easily remove as many myomas of varying sizes. They also help in removing myomas and sutures of uterine defects in odd locations. 
  • It helps in preserving the nerves surrounding fibroids. This aids in better healing of myometrium, minimum adhesion, and fast post-operative healing. 

What factors should be considered while choosing robotic-assisted gynecology surgery? 

For successful outcomes of surgery, you need a clinic that provides the best robotic gynecological surgery in Anand Vihar. In the Femmenest, you will find a team of specialized surgeons who have experience in performing successful robotic surgery in Delhi. 

Factors that make us best at providing robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi;

  • State-of-the-art robotic surgery technology and system 
  • Facility of advanced surgical instruments 
  • Qualified and experienced healthcare team who hold expertise in robotic surgery.
  • Availability of necessary infrastructure such as diagnostic, OT, and supported pre-operative and post-operative staff. 

So, book your consultation today with our team who can assist and provide you with consultation for robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi.


Minimally invasive surgery, robot-assisted gynecology surgeries make use of narrow scope and miniature instruments that are controlled by a robotic system. This methodology has been used for years and has shown a 95 percent success rate. 

Robot-assisted surgeries are best for treating women's reproductive issues such as the removal of the uterus or fibroids. The guidance of a reliable practitioner is advisable to get the best robotic gynecologic surgery in Delhi.

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